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About Us

Marketing and design agency for B2B

We live and breath B2B so we understand your customer, how to take them through awareness, intention and desire, and connect them directly to you, ready to talk business.

Branding and digital marketing are difficult terms to the experts nevermind your internal stakeholders. We know what it is like to build internal trust and understanding when your organisation is going through change. We have the knowledge and expertise to help you get the results and the internal capability to improve your brand identity and business automation.


Marketing automation allows you identify your target audience, pinpoint their interested in and nurture this interest. Gempro can help you implement an automated platform that serves your needs in the digital age.

Your sales people should spend their time closing deals, not chasing leads. Gempro can connect your automated marketing activities to your sales pipeline, delivering qualified 'hot' leads ready to be closed.

Building meaningful online customer experiences is key to building a community of loyal customers. We can help ensure that your website is an effective cornerstone for your digital marketing.


Content comes in many forms but must always be relevant to your customer and complimentary to your brand to produce results. The Gempro team applies market intelligence gained from your digital activities to fine tune content that performs.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so how about 32 pictures per second? Gempro is skilled at using video and animation to clearly communicate your message to customers with an ever decreasing attention span.

Research shows that a well told and engaging narrative will remain in your customer's memory far longer than a technical presentation. Gempro can help find and tell your story, engaging your audience and enhancing your brand.


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